07 April 2013

Gypsy Jack's Bits and Pieces

       Exciting News

From 22 April 2013 an additional new programme will be broadcast between 9 pm. & midnight. 

It will initially be called :

"Gypsy Jack's Bits and Pieces - A Luscious Late Listen". 

The programme will contain a lot of Jazz ranging through the likes of Count Basie,  Art Tatum, Lester Young, Charlie Parker, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis,  as well as such artistes as Barbara Streisand,  Edith Piaf & Loreena McKennitt,  to name but a few. 

As usual it will be interspersed with poetry.  

A new feature will be to mention some of the items currently trending amongst our Facebook friends and on the news. 

I look forward to you tuning in to listen to the show. 

Tune in or chew your own ears off!

Miss it and moan,  listen, live and love.