18 April 2013

Exciting News Update: Gypsy Jack's Luscious Late Listen

  Exciting News


From 22 April 2013 an additional new programme will be broadcast between 8 pm. and at least 11 pm. perhaps even til midnight. 

It will initially be called :

"Gypsy Jack's Luscious Late Listen". 

The programme will contain a lot of Jazz ranging through the likes of Count Basie,  Art Tatum, Lester Young, Charlie Parker, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis,  as well as such artistes as Barbara Streisand,  Judy "Blue Eyes" Collins, Edith Piaf and  Loreena McKennitt,  to name but a few. 

As usual it will be interspersed with poetry.  

A new feature will be to mention some of the items currently trending amongst our Facebook friends and on the news. Or you can go there right now:

I look forward to you tuning in to listen to the show. 

Tune in or chew your own ears off!

Miss it and moan,  listen, live and love.