08 February 2017

Guitarist Matthew Fagan at Haven

Tonight I had the unexpected joy of listening to a concert given by a superb Australian guitar player by the name of Mathew Fagan. Unexpected as it tends to be a long time between such treats for the ears out here in Western Victoria.

The music ranged from the ubiquitous Greensleeves through traditional Spanish, Irish and American to Mark Knopfler with diversions to a number of classical pieces.

A selection from 8 CD's were for sale at very reasonable individual prices and a trove when bought in multiples.
A performance of great guitar playing highly recommended to all.


26 October 2016

Founder of Wimmera Voices Choir shares Long Memory

New chum to the Wimmera,  Max Pietruschka who has formed the energetic Wimmera Voices Choir based upon the concept of Dr Jonathon Walsh's Choir of Hard Knocks recently shared a beautiful family memory.

As Max's memory much more elegantly states a long held and published view of mine regarding classically trained opera singers trying to perform folk songs,  I share it not only to emphasise my viewpoint but also to publicise another form of folk singing now available in Horsham every Monday night at 6:30 pm at the CWA Hall.

Max's share. (told with an assumed heavy Russian accent):
" My Vather,  Ivan , was a violinist with the Melbourne S.O.. He also used to sing in a magnificent deep voice. He told me when I was only a small boy "Max, ven you zing, zing from ze heart.  Ze greatest opera singer can zing a zong pitch perfect but no-von will remember or enjoy,  BUT zing vrom ze heart and not zing every note pitch perfect and ze audience vill love you and remember you alvays! "

Find out more about Wimmera Sing at:


07 April 2015

George Mann / Joe Hill Homage Concert in Australia

George Mann has produced a concert to pay homage to the great Swedish / American Unionist Joe Hill who was judicially murdered 100 years ago come the 15th November.

George will be touring in NSW and Victoria in mid or late November 2015 to share this historic concert with Australian audiences. Anticipated performance locations are Sydney,  Wollongong,  Albury, Melbourne and Geelong. I'm sure however that if adequate support is forthcoming from other cities or locations George can be persuaded to perform there also.

I notice that the link to George Mann's web site is missing,  a casualty like myself of the December 2013 malfeasance by the local radio station members and committee. I will post the link asap.

Centenary of the murder of Joe Hill


06 April 2015

Artistes' Links & Sound Bites Page Update

Page Update

Readers are advised that there have been several updates to the

 Artistes Links & Sound Bites Page 

above for several new Artiste releases and  a small review.


21 December 2013

15/12/2013 Purported Dismissal as Member & Presenter for Standing Up for Safe Working Conditions.

On Sunday 15th December 2013 on completing the Gypsy Jack Boggle Show I was confronted by an armed security guard and two committee members who claimed that at a previously held committee meeting on the Tuesday night I had been deprived of my membership of Horsham and District Community FM Radio Inc.

I was held prisoner in the radio station until I handed over my key to the station and my locker. Even having done that I continued to be unlawfully detained. A verbal demand being made that I hand over the parking permit that the secretary 'graciously' drew up after four months of requests to replace the old one made inoperative through the theft of my car registration plates whilst broadcasting. 

Eventually I was let out of the building when the reality sank in that I was not secreting the cardboard permit on my person but that the parking permit was appropriately displayed outside on my motor vehicle's windscreen. 

At present I am awaiting on the secretary supplying information on the authority purporting to legalise this infringement of my rights and membership together with an explanation as to why I am slandered by the committee in this matter. 

As a point of importance I  wish to know why the committee have not safeguarded the members & public by ensuring that electrical equipment is properly maintained and tested according to normal Australian Worksafe practices.

This is particularly relevant as a large group of very young infant schoolchildren were crammed into a small studio only the next day exposing them to these possibly hazardous conditions.

Needless to say the Gypsy Jack Boggle Show and its spin off programme Gypsy Jack's Luscious Late Listen  will not be heard on Horsham's Community Radio until this matter is sorted.

28 November 2013

The Bohemian Beat Testimonial & Broadcast

Gypsy Jack,
You are doing your community a great service to record these poems, for if we don't take the initiative to record these pieces, they run risk of being lost to us forever. Unfortunately in our economic mindset - archiving is terribly neglected. So it is people like you, who understand the importance of poetic expression and take the initiative to help preserve our poetic history for future generations.
Well done with the quality of the recordings, and the performances are really good too. Soundcloud is an awesome way to share information. Its hard to find available good Australian content so you are certainly not just helping programs like The Bohemian Beat but are also helping save old texts and poetry from becoming obsolete.
Today 28th November I played your performance of A.K. McDougal's "My Songs". It will be broadcast nationally in about two weeks - Sunday between 10:00 & 11:00 am., and the following Tuesday between 00:01 & 01:00 am. 
Thank you and keep up the great work!

06 November 2013

No undemocratic anti citizen TPP in Horsham if you please.

The Mayor, Councillors and Citizens of Horsham Rural City Council Local Government Area,

An Open Letter:

Please don't let the Trans-Pacific Partnership take away our democratic rights as individuals and as a community!

Create a "TPP-Free Zone" here in Horsham.

From leaked text and previous trade agreements, it is clear that the TPP would threaten laws and regulation designed to protect public health, financial transparency, food safety, workers rights, the climate and the environment. It would allow governments to be sued by corporations for lost profit as a result of these ordinances. Yet citizens, labor, environmental, health care, internet/free press, climate justice, green energy and democracy organizations have all been excluded from the negotiations. They cannot see the text, nor comment on it despite the impact of the TPP on all of them.

It is time to be part of the democratic movement of vigorous active participation. It is time to start right where we live, in our own community. It is time to shake off apathy and colonial practices of knuckling the forehead to self proclaimed superiority and outrageous behaviour against the majority.
The people of the Wimmera and Horsham have a history of having taken a harsh land into the 21st century by building some infrastructure, agriculture and a few other supportive industries through hard fought effort. Are you going to allow that to be sold out to rapacious foreign corporations that are more concerned with their fast profits than the welfare of our local citizens?

You won't if you have inherited the decency and community spirit that enabled your ancestors to achieve what they did with the limited resources available to them.

Therefore I urge you to debate this issue and then pass the necessary by-laws to protect your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren from this obscene attempt to enslave you without a whimper.

Gypsy Jack though Richard will do as well as Rjn.

Until 15th. December 2013 you could hear the programme's on Horsham's Community Radio Station 3H 96.5FM - Sundays 1-4 pm The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show. Themes: Australian, Celtic, English, World, Long Sets & Ballads, Classical.

- Mondays 8-12 pm Gypsy Jack's Luscious Late Listen bringing you jazz and late night loving lyrics.
After being bailed up by two committee members and an armed security man the programme ceased. No adequate reason other than the committee's prior malfeasant behaviour and failure to properly provide the local citizens with community radio services as required by their licence has been forthcoming. 

My programme's were all interspersed with Poetry & Good Cheer!

Playlists, links, artistes, history, articles, photos at :


Alternate humanitarian news,jovial banter and views together with friends and artistes at : Now defunct

Samples of poetry performed by Rjn on the programmes and some artistes shared and followed on Soundcloud:


"Tune in or Chew Your own Ears Off"

"Peace, health & fulfilment to everyone."


13 May 2013

GJLLL 13/05/2013

Gypsy Jack's Luscious Late Listen

© 2013 Rjn
Date: 13/05/2013


Title: (all tracks full plays)

Monk Haze/Bienville Roof Orchestra
Jones and Collins Astoria Hot
Henry Allen  and his NY Orchestra
Jelly Roll Morton
King Oliver and His Dixie Syncopators
New Orlean's Rhythm Kings
Louis Dumain's Jazzola 8

Sizzling the Blues

Damp Weather, Astoria 

Pleasin'Paul,Sidewalk Blues

Someday Sweetheart


 Mr Jelly Lord.

Franklin St. Blues
Art Tatum

Strange as it Seems, I'll Never be the Same, Sophisticated Lady, I Would Do Anything for You,
Sidney Bechet

Got the Bench Got the Park, In a Cafe on the Road, Loveless Love, Basement Blues.
Charlie Parker

The Jumpin Blues, Tiny's Tempo,Groovin High, Salt Peanuts, Shaw 'Nuff.
Lester Young

I Must Have That Man,I'll Get By, I'll Never be the Same, A Sailboat in the Moonlight.
Astor Piazzolla
Adios Nonino, Otono Portano, Contramilonga à la Funerala.
Wobbly Boot

LRJ 309
Jump Jive & Wail, There'll Be Some Changes Made, You Were Meant for Me.
Miles Davis

GJCD246 /10
My Man's Gone Now,It Ain't Necessarily So, Summertime, I Loves You.
Larry Adler & Quintet of the Hot Club of France AMSC703

I Got Rhythm, Lover Come Back to Me,My Melancholy Baby
Celia Cruz

La Cumbanchera,Pegao, Me Voy Pá El Pueblo, Munecas Del Cha-Cha-Cha.
Danny Kaye

Ball in the Jack, I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts, My Little Fiddle,The Big Brass Band from Brazil.
Aydin Esen
CK 48811
Anadolu, Song for Santisi,
Jacques Brel
Pardon, Sur la Place, La Bastille.
London Symphony Orchestra & John Dankworth

Fanfare for London, Allegro Citrosa
Shirley Bassey

Something, When You Smile, And I Love You So, I (who have nothing)
Amie Brulée

Que Reste T'il de Nos Amours (I wish You Love).

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Link to Poetry

12 May 2013

Theme Celtic Date 12/05/2013

Wimmera River October 2012 Looking to South bank near Horsham Weir © 2012 Rjn

The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show

© 2013 Rjn
Theme: Celtic
Date: 12/05/2013



The Spinners
The Family of Man
Ewan MacColl

The Rantin Laddie, The Cooper Of Fife, The Jolly Beggar, The Creach in the Creel.
Christy Moore

Lakes of Ponchertrain, Don't Forget Your Shovel, Go Move Shift, Only Our Rivers Run Free.
74321 895792
Dr McPhail's Reel, Miracle of Being, Oran, Outlaws.
Cathie O'Sullivan
Dark Pleasures, Angels, High Clouds, River Music.
Rjn Pays homage to :
Charles Murray – Scotland our Mither, The Alien, The Whistle.
Bridie Gallacher

A Mother's Love A Blessing, Noreen Bawn, Shawl of Galway Grey, Stone outside Dan Murphy's Door, Take this Message To My Mother.
Evan Mathieson
Wee Pot Stove, Homeless Man, Mrs O'Randy, Freedom Free For All.
The Originally Irish Boys

PRMCD 6033
I'll Tell Me Ma, The Leaving of Liverpool, Old Bog Road, Muirsheen Duirkin.
Rjn pays homage to:
J.K.McDougall – Beasts of the Blood Trail
Judy Pinder
The Parting Glass.


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So all up it sounds like a disaster... but you never know your luck on a Monday night.
If you read the blog postings you will see that it was a spectacular show or was that just a spectacle?

Miss it and moan.
Tune in at 8 pm. or chew your own ears off!
Listen, live & love.

06 May 2013

GJ's LLL 06/05/2013

Gypsy Jack's Luscious Late Listen

© 2013 Rjn
Date: 06/05/2013


Title: (all tracks full plays)

Tony Bennett

CK 66214
Old Devil Moon, It Had To Be You, Fly Me To The Moon, Rags to Riches, I Left My Heart In San Francisco.
Muggsy Spanier

(I Want a) Big Butter & Egg Man,Somedays Sweetheart, That DA-Da Strain, Dippermouth Blues, Riverboat Shuffle.
Lionel Hampton
Airmail Special, Blues for Oliver, Oliver Twist.
Lester Young
Evenin',Lady be Good, This Year's Kisses, Easy Listening, I'll Get By.
Coleman Hawkins

Hello Lola, Dismal Dan, Georgia on my Mind, Heartbreak Blues, Minnie the Moocher's Wedding Day.
Miles Davis
RGJCD 246/2
Move, Moon Dream, Venus de Milo, Deception, Darn that Dream.
Ray Charles

AVM 108
CC Rider, I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now, They're Crazy About Me, St. Pete's Blues.
Astor Piazzolla +Orchestra Tango Genaro.
Carlos Gardel.
Orquestra Tipica Brodman.
Eduardo Bianco et son Fameux Argentin Orchestre.
Bernardo Alemany.
R2CD 40-98/2

Viva el Principe.
El Carretero.

Bandoneon Arrabalero.

Don Goyo.
Elegant Papirusa

Al Martino

Spanish Eyes,(Lonely is) a Man Without Love, Quando Quando Quando,In the door of the Sun.
Gloria Éstefan

Rjn read the English translations of the lyrics to these songs.
Con los Años Que Me Quedan, Mi Tierra, Ayer, Volverás.

Inka Marka

El Condor Pasa, Purimuy, Auki Auki.
Neil Diamond

MCAD-2 6896
Cracklin Rosie, Walk Off/Soolamon/Brothers Love, Travelling Salvation Show.
The Drifters
THF2 50685
Under the Boardwalk, Sweets for My sweet, Save the Last Dance for Me.
Michael Crawford

Stormy Weather, The Music of the Night.
Rjn Pays homage to:

Anon - Oxaitoq's Song
Charles Cotton - While She Sleeps
Amie Brulée
Que Reste T'il de Nos Amours.

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05 May 2013

Theme Australian Date 05/05/2013

Wimmera River October 2012 near Horsham Weir Looking at South Bank © Rjn 2012

The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show

© 2013 Rjn
Theme: Australian
Date: 05/05/2013



The Spinners
The Family of Man
Fay White
FW002 CD
Soil Ain't Dirt,The Compost Maker's Worksong, With Our Own Two Hands,
King Willy, Streets of Forbes,Parramatta Gaol.
Cocky's Joy

Farewell to Nigg, The Swaggies Have All Waltzed Matilda Away, The Wild Colonial Boy.
Wheeze & Suck Band
Fire & Thorn 010 & 003

Money Shot,
Johnny In The Morning, Santy Anna
Yuri the Storyteller
Moscow 1941 & Chornoi Veron
Phyl Lobl
Broadmeadow Thistle

Paddock Woman
Battle of the Somme, Newsboy, Seasons of War, Ship of Fools.
Craig & Simone Dawson – Pitchfork Disney

We Used to Have a Car, It's Gonna rain, Wasteland.
John Dengate

Song of Childhood, The Randwick Races, Your Dog's Dead, My Tongue Goes Bungling Through Georgia.
Martyn Wyndham Read FECD 176D

The Female Rambling Sailor
Dave de Hugaard
Across the Western Plain, Moreton Bay, Ginny of the Moor.
Peter Hicks
The Man Wit The Pink Triangle, Unsung Heroes, Obituary, The Bottom Line.
Us Not Them

Pretty Please.
Judy Pinder
The Parting Glass


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I particularly hope that some of the overseas readers
of the blog will come forward and say hello.
Our opening theme song from the Spinners was not idly
chosen....we are all part of the family of man no matter
where we live, our nationality or the hue of our skin....

Hello and Welcome.

Next Sunday – Celtic Theme –

have a fffolking good week”.

Tune in or chew your own ears off.

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow night for the
Gypsy Jack's Luscious Late Listen
Two hours, or there abouts, of classical jazz, followed by two hours of smooth seductive sounds until midnight.

03 May 2013


Sorry everyone. 

I am currently having large problems with my landlord and our legal system taking up too much of my time.  

I will before too long share a story of elderly abuse, discrimination, bullying & intimidation occurring here in Australia.

Eventually I will find time to update the logs, the show has continued to air & some wonderful poetry has been performed. 

Keep visiting and before long I will have new lists & links for you.

Til then keep on fffolking.

29 April 2013

GJ LLL 29/04/2013

Gypsy Jack's Luscious Late Listen

© 2013 Rjn
Date: 29/04/2013



Amie Sexton
Django Reinhardt
It Don't Mean a Thing, Djangology, Swanee River, Tiger Rag.
Sidney Bechet

Roll On Mississippi Roll On, Maple Leaf Rag, Under the Creole Moon, I Wonder Who Made Rhythm.
Lester Young
Shoe Shine Boy, Boogie Woogie, Foolin'Myself, She's Funny That Way.
Louis Armstrong's
Muskat Ramble, Heebie Jeebies, Ain't Misbehavin, St Louis Blues.
Wobbly Boot

LRJ 309
There'll Be Some Changes, Alberta, Right Key Wrong Keyhole, You Always Hurt the One You Love.

Visit to St Elizabeth's 1950 by Anon, Cocaine Lil by Anon.
Ivie Anderson

It Don't Mean A Thing, My Old Flame,Troubled Waters, Truckin'.
Lionel Hampton
It Don't Mean A Thing, Basin Street Blues, Sunny Side of the Street.
Miles Davis & Cannonball Adderley
5036408 119728
Autumn Leaves,Love for Sale

Shirley Bassey

Diamonds Are Forever, The Fool On The Hill.

Now What is Love, I Pray Thee Tell by Sir Walter Raleigh from the Phoenix Nest 1593.
Mike Oldfield

Moonlight Shadow,Shadow on the Wall.

The Renaissance Players
WAL 8004-2
Kalenda Maya, Souvent Souspire.

Immortal Love by George Herbert from The Temple 1633.
Doug de Vries & Diana Clark
Dança da Solidāo, Valsinha, Alguem Cantando, Nō Capeira
Echo by Christina Rosetti from Goblin Market & Other Poems.
Tony Bennet

I Can't Give You Anything But Love, TheBoulevarde Of Broken Dreams, Jeepers Creepers.
Jake Thackray
CDP7 962712
Lah-Di-Dah, Caroline Digby Pratte, Personal Column.
Liza Minella
7243 5 3257620
Blue Moon, I'm All I've Got, The Days of the Waltz.
Amie Brulée
I Love Paris, Habanera, Que Reste T'il de Nos Amours.

This Blog should be read in conjunction with the last week's posting by the Gypsyjack Boggleshow on Facebook in order to learn of the issues & issues confronting friends & listeners.

(known as Thegypsyjack Boggleshow)