28 November 2013

The Bohemian Beat Testimonial & Broadcast

Gypsy Jack,
You are doing your community a great service to record these poems, for if we don't take the initiative to record these pieces, they run risk of being lost to us forever. Unfortunately in our economic mindset - archiving is terribly neglected. So it is people like you, who understand the importance of poetic expression and take the initiative to help preserve our poetic history for future generations.
Well done with the quality of the recordings, and the performances are really good too. Soundcloud is an awesome way to share information. Its hard to find available good Australian content so you are certainly not just helping programs like The Bohemian Beat but are also helping save old texts and poetry from becoming obsolete.
Today 28th November I played your performance of A.K. McDougal's "My Songs". It will be broadcast nationally in about two weeks - Sunday between 10:00 & 11:00 am., and the following Tuesday between 00:01 & 01:00 am. 
Thank you and keep up the great work!