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Artistes Links & Sound Bites

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 Link to "PASSIONS" Info. 

(Project abandoned through lack of interest / participation by local citizens. Interestingly the only people recording for the project now live outside of the area! I wonder why?)


At present we have the following links: 


Rjn Performing Poetry


The Rhymer from Ryde 

 Link to Graeme Johnson,



The Phenomenal Mr Bernard Wrigley

 aka The Bolton Bullfrog:

Great news from Bernard: He has made the first six albums published available for download through his website. Now for a measly sum, I don't know how he can afford to let such superb material sell for such a low price ... obviously expecting to sell millions. Anyway enough of my chat, get yer finger and PayPal into gear and follow the link :

I played some of Bernard's material from these albums on the third and fourth Sunday of the month programmes - before being accused of favouritism .... along with hundreds of other performers!
What's more he has put a new photo up and although the Bullfrog is older than me he looks younger! Good onya Bernard.

On the 24th May 2012  I had an email from our Bernard who I played last month on the English theme. ( Other Folk’s Childer, Molecatcher, Five Gallon Jar and Mr Lane’s Maggot.) He sent the following message: -

“Great to see this vast range of music that you are playing on the radio. Bert Lloyd once said to me ‘More power to your elbow, or wherever the source of your inspiration lies.’. Great man.”

Bernard Wrigley 6:43pm 24 May 2012 


Thanks Bernard but I have to tell you that I am merely standing on others’ shoulders – those who gifted me with the benefit of their research, compilations and skill of performance through the years. Yours are one of those sets of shoulders, thanks mate. Rjn


I’m happy to say that you can still get most of Bernard’s great recordings and books direct from him PLUS there are a heap of sound clips to "flood yer ears".


The Pleasure of Buying From Bernard

Just a final word for readers around the world. I ordered and paid for Bernard’s life work to be sent to me here in the Wimmera, W. Victoria, Australia - it happened within a fortnight and that was due to the post being slow that week.


Link to Bernard Wrigley



Links to Buffy Sainte-Marie &


 Cradleboard Education Foundation


If you are not familiar with Buffy Sainte-Marie and her huge portfolio of work please follow these links and enrichen your life with her songs of substance and life's achievements. 

I stand in awe of her.



Link to : Listening Earth 

A wonderful Victorian couple who record and photograph wildlife around the world as well as here in Australia. I have played numerous birdsong thanks to their safaris in the Australian bush.



Ecopella is an environmental choir that sings about the beauty of our world and the struggle to protect it from exploitation and destruction. Founded in 1998 by musical director Miguel Heatwole, the choir serves the environment movement by providing activists and audiences with the opportunity of enjoying a very high standard of a cappella singing. The strong environmental message of Ecopella's Save-The-World Music encourages positive change in people's thoughts and actions and offers support to a wide variety of green organisations. 

If you care about the physical world that you live in and have concerns that your children and grandchildren will be left desolate unusable contaminated treeless environments - then support and pay attention to Ecopella.


Recent advices that I haven't had time to write an intro to :

Link to Mike Jackson 


Link to ParissaBouas Music 

She of the beautiful voice and face!


Link to Siobhán Ní Phiondar, Anthony Woolcott and Miguel Heatwole AKA Triantan

(Siobhán Ní Phiondar, our Judy Pindar who closed
the Celtic theme most months....thanks Judy)


Three Beautiful Young Women who I correctly tagged as world class many years ago - they also kindly supplied me with their own spin which I have no angst & reproducing and heartily endorsing - 

"Vardos are a stunning trio, serenading and interacting with their audiences with Transylvanian dance tunes, popular Hungarian cafe concert music and the latest horas from Bucharest. Driven by Alana's wild violin, chased by an accordion and the double bass they are always energetic, fun and entertaining."

Link to Vardos Trio


She has sung blues, jazz, gospel, folk, comedy, 
and social commentary songs in concert halls 
and cathedrals, clubs and campuses,  from Broome to
 Hobart, Beijing to Memphis, Paris to Auckland, Edinburgh
 to Tel Aviv, New York to Seoul, Amsterdam to Dublin, 
New Orleans to London, Vancouver to Nuku'alofa.

 And  if you show enough interest in hearing her live she may come to Horsham!

Link to Margret RoadKnight 


  And a link to a rarely seen artiste, he is a bit like the bell bird - rarely seen but listened to in wonder when encountered. I first encountered him I think at a Gulgong Festival just after he had returned from an extended stay in South America and then as a solo artiste, a member of the fabulous group Collector and now fitting into Louis's definition of a folkie with the Strelley Project. None other than Mike Martin -

Link To Mike Martin


In March 2015 I had the pleasure of having Mike ask me to review his latest CD 

" Postcard from Candelo"

The overall theme of "Postcard" can be summed up as being some of Mike's concept of Utopia - a Utopian concept sometimes actually directly described in the song, in others by being the opposite of the loud rant against a specific societal practice or behaviour.

Throughout however Mike's gentle humour laden punch and wry observations pop up to make his point and personalise it.

Probably some tracks in the eyes of wusses, namby pambies and hypocrites require "strong language or adult theme" warnings to pander to their politically correct extremist views and beliefs. 

Mike calls it as he sees it - like it or lump it!

the CD is well produced and only available from Mike. The booklet not only contains all of his lyrics but also the introductions to each song making it a radio announcers dream.

 He also tells me there are probably more "Postcards" in the offing. I for one will look forward to them as I have long admired Mike's style of performance, his quality of content and musicianship. 


If you wish to learn what I think of this group please go and read my profile! Nicole Murray and John Thompson are Cloudstreet -

Link to Cloudstreet

In time for the 2015 National Festival Cloudstreet have released a new album 

"Clouded House"

Its tracks include:

Malmsbury Abbey (Eilmer),  Adieu to all Judges and Juries,  Maud Butler,  Butcher Boy,  The Way You Look Tonight, Jock Broon's 70th,  Song of the Sheet Metal Worker,  Tolpuddle Man, The Catalpa,   Twa Corbies ,  In My Life ,  Homeless Beaver (3:25)   


Those who know my programme here in Horsham may be saying "Who?" about the next artiste because I do not think that I have featured a solo performance set on the programme.  Give me time. I first noticed her in the 1990's at Katoomba festival and complimented her on her wordsmithing. She is still at it as you will see from her web site. It kept me reading for most of Friday night. Okay I am now a slow reader, at least I read. Enjoy.

  Link to Penelope Swales


Now for a group who has had plenty of air time on the English and Australian themed programmes. My old compatriots from England The Wheeze & Suck Band from New South Wales. Ian tells me that the web site is currently neglected and listeners are recommended to go to their Facebook page:

Link to Wheeze & Suck Band Fbook 

As Ian usually says "PLAY IT LOUD"


An artiste who I will be writing more about but until then let's just say that he is bloody good!...and Parissa!

Link to Carl Cleves


Phyl Lobl is a singer - songwriter - teacher who has been active as a performer at Folk Festivals, mainly in Australia, since just before the first National Folk Festival 1967. She thinks of herself as a Cultural Maintenance Worker who documents the Australian Experience through folklore. As is said in the folklore world, some of her songs have 'entered the tradition', some have been recorded here and overseas, some have been used by authors to illustrate their work which makes them useful. She fought for recognition for Australian Folk music on the Music Board of the Australia Council, for this the Folk Community presented her the Graham Squance Memorial Award in 1986. (Reproduced from Phyl Lobl's website)

And what's more she is a thoroughly lovely person to correspond with as well. The link is for all whether adult, Australian, child, teacher, folkie, curiosity seeker, or well wisher. Here is a link that I am delighted and thrilled to have on the blog...please follow it and learn and listen to lots and lots of Australian heritage through folk music. Then share and share with your friends until the whole world knows that some in Australia are justly responsible and caring of their heritage:

Link to Phyl Lobl 

Australia's own writer of songs of social life particularly through the last fifty years. If Woody had known her he would have come a knockin' for to learn!


  Graham Dodsworth

Link to Folk Now Website

(In Need of Updating)

Link to Graham's Great Performances from Early Years to Now


A New Festival Calendar Compiled by Graham Dodsworth


Please help Graham keep this up to date by notifying him of any changes, omissions or additions that he should be aware off.


Maureen O'Brien

Link to Maureen's Site



Multi award-winning ZULYA KAMALOVA is the leading proponent of Tatar and Russian music in Australia as well as one of the most versatile and accomplished vocalists on the world music scene today.

Link to Official Bio

Link to:

Zulya and The Children of the Underground



Cultural Exchange at Work

I was recently delighted to receive an email from a young acquaintance who became a FaceBook friend. In the way of Cultural Exchange (see also the Articles page above) she has been inspired by Eric Bogle's "Singing the Spirit Home" played 14th October 2012.

She writes ...

Hi Richard,

Sorry that it has taken me so long to get this to you. I had intended to send it to you right after I got back from Melb just over a week ago.
Anyway here is the art piece for "Sing The Spirit Home"

More of Emma's work can be found by following this link 


 her "HellHounds Song" drawing reminds me of the reaction most have to a neighbour's garage band practising twenty feet away during the hours for sleeping. 

I commented on another superb Cultural Exchange example on the FaceBook home page during the week.  14/11/2012