28 April 2013

Theme World Date 28/04/2013

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Theme: World

Date: 28/04/2013



The Spinners
The Family of Man
Chlöe & Jason Roweth

JCCD 0007
Anzac Cove, The Route March, The Banks of the Murray, Hic Jacet, The Jester In the Trench, Scots of the Riverina, The Riderless Horse.
Leon Bibb with John Stauber & Eric Weisberg.
NOT 3CD 058
Lonesome Traveller, Every Night When the Sun Goes Down, Times Are Getting Hard, Sinner Man.

Aimie Brûlée
Que Reste-t-il de nos amours?
Blindman's Holiday
Embala Eu, Cancion de Cuna Aborigen, Doin Time, Behind Barbed Wire.
Sylvana Licursi

Qifti (The Hawk), Zonja Thomasine (Donna Thomassina), Nina Nana (Lullaby), Bylbyli (The Nightingale).
Stan Freberg
Harry Stewart
Andy Griffith
Yogi Yorgessen
Capitol ENC10003
St George and the Dragonet
Yokahama Mama
Romeo & Juliet
The Object of My Affection

Ivan Rebroff
ABC 589078-2
Mutterchen Russland, Hey Andrushka, Das Einsame Glöckchen, Cossacks Must Ride.
Zakarpatsky” Orch., Ukrainian Folklore Ensemble, Red Army Choir, Nikolai Ossipov Ensemble Choir.
Along the Peterskaia, Oh Dear Maiden, Snowstorm, The Riders, Beneath A High Mountain, Tykho Nad Richkoyu.

Sidney Bechet
Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho.

Eric Bogle
Something Of Value.
Alan Bell
So Here's To You.

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