31 March 2013

Date: 31/03/2013 Theme: Long Ballads and Sets

Wimmera River October 2012 near Horsham Weir Looking at South Bank © Rjn 2012

The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show

© 2013 Rjn
Theme: Long Ballads & Sets
Date: 31/03/2013



The Spinners
The Family of Man
Steeleye Span
Reels, Lovely on the Water, The Brisk Young Butcher, Boys of Bedlam, My Johnny Was A Shoemaker.
Mercedes Sosa
Si Se Calla el Cantor, Alfonsina Y el Mar, Arana, Pedro Canoero, Siembra, Maria Va.
Victor Jara
El Lazo, El Apareceido, Vidalita, Despedimento del Angelito, Caramba Durmiendo,
Bernard Wrigley
Artiste's Choice (I asked Bernard to suggest a theme as I hadn't played him for a few weeks. He suggested having an Industrial Revolution / Cotton theme. I said “gradely lad!” So here is the first set in the theme. Oh, and a big thanks Bernard it was thoroughly enjoyed.)
The Treadmill Song, First Day At The Mill, Hand Loom vs Power Loom, Along the Rossendale, To See The Pit Brow Lasses, The Manchester Man, Clocking Well Fed Up, Weaver of Wellbrook, A Weaver's Song, Half Timer.
Joan Baez
Auctioneer, Silver Dagger, Geordie, What Have They Done To The Rain, There But For Fortune, We Shall Overcome.
Utah Phillips & Ani Di Franco – All songs introduced by Utah.
The Long Memory, Korea, Mess With People, Stupid's Song, Stupid's Pledge, Bread & Roses, Joe Hill, Dump the Bosses.
Hordern Raikes with Martin Carter & Roger Barnes – The Second Set on the Industrial Revolution / Cotton Theme, Richard's Choice.
Bread Tax, The Factory Bell, Bonny at Morn, Maid of the Mill, Grimshaw's Factory Fire, Smokeless Chimneys, July Wakes.
Alan Bell
So Here's to You.


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