24 March 2013

Theme World Date 24/03/2013

 Wimmera River October 2012 near Horsham Weir Looking at the South Bank © Rjn 2012

The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show

© 2013 Rjn

Theme: World

Date: 24/03/2013



The Spinners
The Family of Man
Pigram Brothers
Moonlight, Wind Dance, Loser.
Edith Piaf
Les Deux Copains, Mon Legionnaire, L'Étranger.
Another Man Done That, Shame & Scandal, Jack of Diamonds, Hound Dog, Children Go Where I Send Thee.
Bob Dylan
I Heard That Lonesome Whistle, The Death of Emmett Till, Makes a Long Time Man Feel Bad.
Victor Jara
Jai Jai, No Puedes Volver Atrás, Ojitos verdes, La Flor Que Anda de Mano En Mano.
Kathleen Ferrier
My Bonny Lad, O Waly Waly, Ca' the Yowes, The Fidgety Bairn, Blow the Wind Southerly.
Jean Ritchie
What Are We Going To Do With The Baby-Oh, Pretty Saro, Shady Grove, Paper of Pins.
Valerij Viter, Anatolij Lutuk, Kobza dir. Alexander Zuyev
We Can't Marry, Balade of Two Swans, Near Our Village, Bagpiper, Near the Brook, The Forest Song, Sing Along.
Carl Cleves
Trem Mineiro, Zimbabwe Zimbabwe, The House is Empty.
Inti Illimani
Kalimba, El Hacha, Kulliacas.
Ukrainian Bandurists Group
Good Evening Miss (Where are you Going)
Rjn Pays Homage to :
Richard Crawshaw -
D.H. Lawrence -

On the Baptised Ethiopean 
Self Protection 
Alan Bell
So Here's To You.

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