29 July 2012

Date: 29/07/2012 Longer Sets or Songs

Date: 29/07/2012 Longer Sets or Songs

The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show

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Theme: Longer Sets or Songs

Date: 29/07/2012



The Spinners
The Family of Man
Emu, Pulse, Eagle.
Buffy St. Marie
Soldier Blue, Way Way Way, Piney Wood Hills, My Country ‘tis of thy People You’re Dying, Native North American Child, Little Wheel Spin & Spin.
Two References worth following and highly recommended: www.cradleboard.org and www.creative-native.com Rjn.
John Williams
Fisherman’s Song, The Miller’s Dance (Manuel de Falla), Cordaoba (Francisco Tárrega), Spanish Dance #5 Trad (dedicated to Tatyana from RD).
Herbie Marks Trio
Good Luck (Mazeltov), The rabbi Wants to be Merry ( Der Frehlicke Rebbe), Bride Bride (Kala Kala), Exodus, You are Beautiful to Me (Bei Mir Bist du Schon),A Flame is Burning (Oif’n Pritchek), Chave (Shavee), Here I am (Hinnee MuchauUm Z’uman), Come out Come out (Tzena Tzena).
David Pepper pays homage to :
Christine Dimbleby pays homage to
John Betjeman – Winter at Home.
Robert Louis Stevenson – Armies in the Fire

Thomas Hood - No
James Galway & the
Tokyo String Orch. cond. Hiroyuki Iwaki, Susumu Miyashita koto, Ayako Shinozaki harp.
Hamabe No Uta (Song of the Seashore), Itsuka no komoriuta (Lullaby), Komorebi (Sunlight Shing through the trees)

Utah Phillips sings and introduces :
Starlight on the Rails, Talking NPR Blues, John D Lee, Dancers, Stupid’s Song.
Johnny Cash
Lonesome Whistle, The Way of a Woman in Love.
Bernard Wrigley
Rawtenstall Annual Fair, (For all Lancashire Lads) My Word You do Look Queer, Cockerham Devil, Back Answers. (After the show Bernard wrote and told me that I only have to play another seventy three and the Wimmera audience will have heard them all! That’s if he doesn’t record more, “hint hint Bernard”.) Rjn.
Alan Bell
So Here’s to You.


Coming up starting August 26th, an open mike concert at the Hamilton Lamb Hall in Horsham. 1:00 pm til 5:00 pm. Audience $5 donation each for Horsham Cancer Council, 

Performers no charge.


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TWO WEEKS of world music, mainly European, Greek, Slovak and Russian (European-Russian). 

Next Thursday from 12 noon til 2:00 pm 

August 2nd and 9th.  

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 The last refuges of despotic dictators are:



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Where are You and YOUR democracy?

Today many powerful minor dictators have been created. They appear in all walks of life from minor bureaucrats who are supposed to serve the public (in  reality they often merely support corrupt administrations and their personal paypackets). Agencies supposed to protect the public such as police and intelligence agencies, governments that have slowly become uncontrolled dictatorships. Businesses and financial institutions ignoring sound rules of management and trading practice in favour of short term gain and avaricious advantage from falsehood. Countries that are allowing the wholesale sublimation of their culture in favour of other already failed commercially driven worthless substitutes that often result in not only the extinction of the original culture but also the creation of populations subservient to worthless ideals that are ersatz and even injurious to humanity. Rjn