08 July 2012

Date: 08/07/2012 Celtic

The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show

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Theme: Celtic

Date: 08/07/2012

The Spinners
The Family of Man
Mary O’Hara

The Way We Were, A Bunch of Thyme, Greensleeves.
The Furey & Davey Arthur
When you were Sweet Sixteen, The Green Fields of France, From Clare to Here.
Cathie O’Sullivan

Angels (Dedicated to Wendy), Cameron Quartermain, Song of the Artesian Waters (Dedicated to all who have had government sell their artesian water to international soft drink manufacturers or mining companies to pollute)
Alex Campbell & Friends, Paul McNeill, Sandy Denny, Cliff Aungier, Johnny Silvo & His Folk Group, Roger Evans & David Moses.
Dick Derby,
You Never Wanted Me,
Been on the Road,
Dinks Song,
This Train (Is Bound for Glory),
Tel Old Bill,
Freedom (American African Song).

Jimmy Shand & His Band

Scottish Waltz – Within a Mile of Edinburgh, Scotland yet, Sound of the Pibroch, There’s Nae Luck about the Hoose, Gay Gordons – Cock of the North, Major John MacLennan, Gordon Waltz – O’My Jock Mackay, A Gordon for Me, The Lass of Lowrie.
Hal Roach
King of the Blarney (Dedicated to Robyn & Ron, Pimpinio)
Christie Moore
Before the Deluge, Yellow Furze Woman, Sodom & Begorra, King Puck.
William McAlpine Homage to Robert Burns

A Man’s A Man for A’That, The Bonnie Wee Thing, Green Grow the Rashes, Mary Morrison, Robert Bruce’s March to Bannockburn.

Alistair Hulett and Dave Swarbrick

Among Proddy Dogs & Papes, Sons of Liberty, When the Wee Birds Start Leaving - “Only here under sufferance, not wanted but needed
We camp by the road so it’s always made clear
We know after the Harvest Home we won’t be welcome
When the wee bird starts leaving it’s time we wur nae here.”
Alistair Hulett
Dedicated to All Rom, New Age Travellers, Grey Nomads, Itinerants and new chums imported to do the work that.... but not allowed representation.

Old Maid in the Garret, The Mermaid, Galway Shawl.
Rjn Pays homage to:

William McGinn – St Patrick of Ireland M’Dear.
William Allingham The Fairies (dedicated to those recently in my life having connections with fairies - “my fée dog mother” and to all those needing their protection).
The Royal Hong Kong Police Band

Dark Island – Road to the Isles, The Dream Valley of GlenDural, The Old Rustic Bridge, Friendship/ Gruagach/ O’er the Bows to Ballingdalloch, Miss Girdle, Girls of Portree.
Judy Pinder
The Parting Glass.

A wondrous thing in the world:

A most wondrous ability is the turning of an ugly, plain, dysfunctional or horrific thing into something wondrous and beautiful:

It may be a piece of clay into a sculpture,
a gargoyle into something looking angelic,
words into a love sonnet,
dull dry pigment into a glossy painting,
a damaging thought into a loving one,
greed into giving,
self hate into self love,
an unloved expression into a loved expression,
pain into peace,
sorrow into joy,
tears to laughter....

have You tried to create beauty in the world around you?