22 July 2012

Date: 22/07/2012 World

The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show

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Theme: World

Date: 22/07/2012



The Spinners
The Family of Man
Joan Baez
House of the Rising Sun, Silkie, Banks of the Ohio.
Osipov State Russian Folk Orchestra

Fantasy on 2 Folk Songs (Budashkin), At Sunrise, The Linden Tree (Kulikov), Kamarinskaya (Osipov), Fantasy on Volga Melodies (Mikhailov Shalayev).
Paul Robson

Oh How Proud Our Quiet Don (Dzerzhinsky), The Peat Bog Soldiers, The Four Insurgent Generals, Song of the Plains.
Laura Love
Saskatchewan, Savin’, Passin’, The Cuckoo.
Ansambl Dalmacija (Ensemble Dalmatia)
Falile se Kaštelanke, Barka je Malena,Slušaj, Mati, Mare, Vilo Moja, Kad Si Bila Mald, Mare.
Bela Babai

Ninc a Pusztán Rosza Bokor (There is no Rose Bush in the Field), Krazznahorka Büszke vára (Proud Castle Krazznahorka), Nagybercseny Miklos, Jaj de Nagyon Regen Volt (Once Upon A Time), Csimon Palko featuring George Vig on the Tárogató (Tarogate), Erik a Buzakalász (The Wheat is Ripening), Ha Meguntál Édes Rozsam (If You’re Tired of Loving Me [dedicated to several women, past and one present. You know who you are! Lya.]
The seasons pass,
The fruit is come and gone,
Leaves are shed,
Rain falls gently until
Spring brings new growth.
Thus the great cycle continues.
Czárdás (Chardas).
Clifton Chenier
Squeeeze Box Boogie, Clifton’s Dreamin’, Oupelousos Hop, Zodico Stomp.
Maurice Larcange
Pistonette, Volupta, Aubade des Oiseaux, Soirée Nostalgique, Joyeux Canari.
Santy Anno, Muleskinner Blues, Jack o’Diamonds,
Rjn pays homage to the following poets:
John Donne – Part Song.
Anon – If All the World Were Paper, Non-sense.
Richard Corbett – A Non Sequiteur.
Alan Bell
So Here’s to You.

Stop Press

Coming up starting August 26th, an open mike concert at the Hamilton Lamb Hall in Horsham. 1:00 pm til 5:00 pm. Audience $5 donation each for Cancer Council, Performers no charge.

Extra Broadcasts

News just in - a new addition to the GJBS suite - TWO WEEKS of world music, mainly European, Greek, Slovak and Russian (European-Russian). Next Thursday from 12 noon til 2:00 pm August 2nd and 9th.  

Tune in or chew your own ears off.