15 July 2012

Date: 15/07/2012 English

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The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show

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Date: 15/07/2012



The Spinners
The Family of Man
Steeleye Span

Marrowbones, Western Wynde, Boys of Bedlam (Dedicated to Peter who tomorrow will have the interesting task off addressing 350 psychiatrists, telling them why their patients are often better off without the brain and body numbing pharmaceuticals they prescribe them.)
Ewan MacColl
Captain Ward & The Rainbow, Broomfields Hill, Get Up & Bar the Door.
Les Barker
Have you got any news of the Iceberg?, The Book of Kevin, the Lonely Little Lemming.
Dave Swarbrick
My Singing Bird, Byker Hill, Once I loved a Maiden Fair.
The Watersons
Emmanuel, Idumea, Stormy Winds, The Beggar Man.
Johnnie Collins
Go to work on Monday, Diggery Venn the Raddle Man, What will become of England.
Jake Thackray

Sister Josephine, It was only a Gypsy (dedicated to Ruby lya), Last Will & Testament of Jake Thackray.
Fivepenny Piece
King Cotton, Mi Gronny, Watercolour Morning.
Bernard Wrigley
When your clogs let water in, On Again, On Again!, Vasectomy. Link to BJW
Dr Strangely Strange
Strangely Strange but oddly Normal
John Martyn
Couldn’t love you more.
Sandy Denny
I’m a Dreamer
Mike Oldfield
Moonlight Shadow
Fairport Convention
Wandering Man, Now be Thankful, Who Knows Where Time Goes.
Rjn’s Homage to:

H.G. Bell – The Fate of Sergeant Thin.
Anon – Dahn the Plughole.
Lewis Caroll – The White Knight Tells His Tale.
E.V.Rieu – Pirates of Funafuti (Dedicated to Luna from FB).
Alan Bell
Windmills, So Here’s to You.