01 January 2012

Date: 01/01/2012 Theme: Australian

The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show

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Theme: Australian

Date: 01/01/2012



The Spinners
The Family of Man
Australian Magpies & Western Gerrygone
Australian Birdsong
Gariwerd Choir
These Mountains Stand, Fields of Murnong, Wildfire 2006, Out of the Ashes.
Summer Bushfire Season.
Warning! GJBS programme request: EVERYONE please be Safety Conscious when in the Bush and NO FIRES when bans on.
Bruce Watson
Are We There Yet, I’ve Got a Brand New Baby Brother, Toddler with Attitude.
Keith McKenry
The Land by John Manifold, The Battle at Mudflat Megs by K.McKenry.
Chris Fraser
The Wind in the Pines, For Boys Like Me, Another Night In Paradise.
Alan Musgrove
Barbara Allan, The Dark Eyed Gypsies, Lazy Harry’s.
The New Chums Lament, Backblocks Shearer,The Seizure of the Cyprus Brig in Recherche Bay
The Rainmakers
Yandoit, Peace Must Come, Juggling Time.
Wallis & Matilda Homage to Banjo Paterson
Old Australian Ways, Father Riley’s Horse
John Hospodaryck
We Came to these Shores, Bad Times & Trouble, The Magpie’s Christmas.
Sylvia Entcheva & Ensemble
#Mome Maria lasie maria, #Kalino Malino, #The Donkey Drank Wine.
Fred Smith
When She Cries, Blue Guitar
Judy Pinder
The Parting Glass
Reads English translations of foreign language lyrics.