15 January 2012

Date: 15/01/2012 Theme: English

The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show

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Theme: English
Date: 15/01/2012
The Spinners
The Family of Man
Johnny Collins
What Will Become of England, Go to Work on Monday, The Key Above the Door
June Tabor
The Old Man’s Song, The Banks of the Roses, The King of Rome
Elsa Lanchester
Please Sell No More Drink to My Father, Catalog Woman, Little Fred
* Violet Sarah, * The Famous Flower of Serving Men, * Muckle John. * Rjn Recorded Introductions by John Thompson & Nicole Murray.
Valerie Lennie
A Glee For Winter by Alfred Domett
Benjamin Zephaniah
Talking Turkey by Benjamin Zephaniah
Liz Farmer
The Twelve Days of Christmas by Anon
Sandra Douglas Weir
New Year Snow by E. Nesbitt
James Barracllough
The Old year by John Clare
Colin Douglas
Twa Recruiting Sergeants, The Leaving of Liverpool, Young Musgrave
Danny Spooner
The Blackball Line, Shallow Brown, Reuben Ranzo, Whiskey Johnny
Dave Alexander
Northwest Passage, Process Man by Ron Angel, Rap ‘er to Bank,

Dave Alexander
Timothy West

Juliet Stevenson
Homage to Rudyard Kipling:
Danny Deever
The Way Through the Woods, The Roman Centurion, The Land
My Rival
Wheeze & Suck Band
The Bristol Mail, Sailor’s Life, Sammy’s Bar
Viv Legg
The Broomfield Wager, Way of the World, The Prisoner Lad
Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger
The Manchester Angel, To the Begging I Will Go, Sheepcrook & Black Dog
Alan Bell
So Here’s to You