29 January 2012

Date: 29/01/2012 Theme: Long

The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show

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Theme: Long
Date: 29/01/2012
The Spinners
The Family of Man
Rolf Harris
Sun Arise, Raining on the Rock, The Indian Pacific, The Overlander, I’ve Been Everywhere
John Arlott, The Yetties
Out in the Green Fields, The Lark in the Morning
John Arlott, Cyril Tawney
The Ploughman, The Buxom Lass
John Arlott, Bob Arnold
All Jolly Fellows Who Follow the Plough
The Boys Doin it, Mama, Excuse Me Please
Jean Redpath
The Lass of Eclefechan, The Slaves Lament, The Reel O’Stumpie, Green Grow the Rashes O, Tam Glen
Sandor Járók & His Gypsy Band
The Snow is Falling in the Bakony & etc, F Minor Lament Verbunk & Friss, Dances of Oltenia
Alistair Hulett
Around George Square, John MacLean & Agness Wood, the ghosts of Red Clyde
Ivan Rebroff
The Fish Catch, The Legend of the Three Robbers, Kalinka, Moldarian Suite
* Muckle John, * King Henry, * The Briar & The Rose - * Rjn prerecorded introduction given by John & Nicole
Effi Netzer & The Beit Rothschild Singers & Group
Hevenu shalom aleichem, Have netze bemachol, Krakoviyak, Horrah ne’urim
The Wurzils
Champion Dungspreader, I got my beady eye on thee, The Blackbird
Alan Bell
Here’s to You
Rjn pays homage to:
Robert Southey -The Cataract of Lodore
J.K. MacDougall – In Retrospect, Affronters of Freedom