22 January 2012

Date: 22/01/2012 Theme: World

The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show

© 2012 Rjn

Theme: World
Date: 22/01/2012
The Spinners
The Family of Man
Black Snake Moan, Pig Meat Papa,Frankie & Albert
Claudia Bombardella Ensemble
Histoire d’un Souvenir, La Novia, Danze Di Magos, A la Luna
A.P. Elkin Collection
Women’s Djarada
Haydn Triio Eisenstadt
Peggy I Must Love Thee *, The Minstrel *, Gramachee. * English translation read by Rjn
N. American Tribes
Yeha Noha:Wishes of Happiness & Prosperity, Canto Chamamico:Heal the Soul
Red Army Choir & Orchestra
Russia My Motherland, Utuska Lugavaja, Hey Ukhnem
Joan Baez
House of the Rising Sun, Donna Donna, Henry Martin
Christine Dimbleby
No by Thomas Hood
Liz Farmer
Hot Cake by Shui Hui AD 265-306 Translated by Arthur Waley
James Barraclough
From the Eclipse of the Moon by Lu T’ung d. 835 AD
Rosa Balistreri
Filastrocca a lu bamminu, Diu vi la manna l’ambasciata, A la notti di natali
Utah Phillips
The Telling Takes Me Home, Yuba City, All Used Up
The Wurzels
Morning Glory, Twice Daily, The Back of My Old Car
Spiers & Bowden
Tom Padget
Bella Hardy
The Herring Girl
The Two Magicians
Jon Boden
The Larks They Sang Melodious
Leonard Cohen
Seems so long ago, Nancy, Death of a Ladies Man
Cathie O’Sullivan
Lovely Nancy, Barbary Ellen
Alan Bell
So Here’s to You