25 November 2012

Theme: World Date: 25/11/2012

Wimmera River October 2012 Looking to South bank near Horsham Weir © 2012 Rjn


The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show

© 2012 Rjn
Theme: World
Date: 25/11/2012



The Spinners
The Family of Man
Rudi Knabl

Tief drin in Böhmerwald, Auf der Alm da gibts Kao Sünd, Beider Linden, Der Alpenmusikant.
Rjn homage to Charles Harpur
Squatter's Song: Bush Justice

Ballroom Dance Express
Tango D'Amour, O Sole Mio, Tango Misterisio, Cara Mia
Rjn Homage to: Patrick R. Chalmers -
Willliam Howitt -

Roundabouts & Swings.
The Wind in a Frolic.
Water Boy, Santy Anno, Buked & Scorned, Battle Hymn of the Republic.
Mike Martin
From the Strelley Project: English Bay, Rubbish, Ethnic Cleansing, Bureaucracy, Paid my Dues.
Yothu Yindi
Gapu, Treaty, Maralitja
Mercedes Sosa
Si Se calla el cantor, Alfonsina y el mar, Amos, Pedro Conaero.
Paul Robeson
Chassidic chant, Water Boy, Ma Curly Haired Baby.
Historic Recording
Pete Seeger

Martha Schlamme with Frank Hamilton
from the 1959 Fairport Folk Festival:
The Bells of Rhymey, One Grain of Sand/Aiyoyo.

Hey Doroma, Que Bonita Bandera.
Roaring Forties

Wild Goose Shanty, Sail Boat Malarkey, John Kanaka, Royal Artillery Man, Lowlands.
Louis Killen

The AntiGallican Privateer, The Blackleg Miners, Derwentwater's Farewell, Aw wish pay Friday wud come.
Joan Baez

John Riley, House of the Rising Sun, With God on our Side, Waggoner's Lad.


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I notice that we have in the last week had viewers from
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Our opening theme song from the Spinners was not idly
chosen....we are all part of the family of man no matter
where we live, our nationality or the hue of our skin....

Hello and Welcome.

Next Sunday – Australian Theme – Until then be responsible and don't drink & drive but

have a fffolking good week”.

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