15 November 2012

Cultural Exchange at Work

I was recently delighted to receive an email from a young acquaintance who became a FaceBook friend. In the way of Cultural Exchange (see also the Articles page above) she has been inspired by Eric Bogle's "Singing the Spirit Home" played 14th October 2012.

She writes ...

Hi Richard,

Sorry that it has taken me so long to get this to you. I had intended to send it to you right after I got back from Melb just over a week ago.
Anyway here is the art piece for "Sing The Spirit Home"

More of Emma's work can be found by following this link 


 her "HellHounds Song" drawing reminds me of the reaction most have to a neighbour's garage band practising twenty feet away during the hours for sleeping. 

I commented on another superb Cultural Exchange example on the FaceBook home page during the week.