14 October 2012

Date:14/10/2012 Celtic

The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show

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Theme: Celtic




The Spinners
The Family of Man
Eric Bogle

Singing the Spirit Home, One Small Life, Vanya, Mirrors, The Gift of Years.
Christy Moore
Rose of Tralee, Vive la Quinte Brigade.
Gordon McIntyre & Kate Delaney
Fire in the Glen, The Cuillins of Home, Blue Murder, He Fades Away.
Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem

King's Highway, Rhode Island Line, Royal Canal, Holy Ground, Carol of the Birds.
Rjn pays homage to Jonathon Swift
A Description of a City Shower, Clever Tom Clinch Going to be Hanged.

The Corries

Bonnie Dundee,Abigail, Kiss the Children for me Mary, Peggy Gordon.
Coisich a Rhuin, Fear a Bhata (Oh My Boatman), Tobermory.
Mary O'Hara

Londonderry Air, Sky Boat Song, A Bunch of Thyme.
Declan Affley

Rake & Rambling Man, Ship Repairing Men, Palatine's Daughter.
The Dubliners

Off to Dublin in the Green, Peggy Lettermore, The Leaving of Liverpool, Banks of the Roses.
Alistair Hulett & Dave Swarbrick
Sons of Liberty, When the Wee Birds Start Leaving, Childe Owlett.
Maria Forde

Faces in the Photograph, Till the End of Time, Dark Island.

Highlights of my week:

Having shamateurs claiming professionalism & then become paranoid that the world recognise the fact and shout “the Emperor has no clothes on”.

That they consider a lot of others who were professional and/or recognisably performed to the best of their rising abilities be ignored in favour of their ego is indicative of sorry state existing at the moment. That others should be inconvenienced / punished by their selfish dishonest intransigent behaviour makes me angry.

I am reminded of a company that for many years claimed superb management and control. It employed people to examine and report the same. That same company a few years ago almost brought the American government and economy to its knees with its need for bail out.
Why did this occur?
Everyone wanted to view a pretty picture which was then painted to boost the viewer's egos.
Unfortunately the knowledge of the danger of painting on rice paper became subsumed by a desire for pelf, self admiring ego protection and loss of integrity.  All fomented & maintained by self serving litigious action, war and/or bullying threat of the same.

I loved a question posed during the week: If a lilly grows in a pond and each day grows to cover an area equal to what it covered at the beginning of the day, how many days did it take to cover the last half of the surface area if the pond surface is totally covered in forty nine days?

Similarly it should be realised that if I draw conclusions & make statements that have previously been unrecognised, then an awful lot of other people around the world are drawing the same conclusions and making the same statements! A self serving media industry seems to have developed a habit of not reporting but entertaining and driving emotive belief and decisions.
And my own question: What happens on the fiftieth day? Lily cannibalism or genetic modification and development?

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Have a ffffolking good week.