21 October 2012

Date: 21/10/2012 English

The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show

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Theme: English

Date: 21/10/2012



The Spinners
The Family of Man
Steeleye Span

The Blacksmith, Copshawholme Fair, Cold Hail & Windy Night.
June Tabor

While gamekeepers Lie Sleeping, Maybe then I'll be a Rose (Les Barker),The Water is Wide, The Scarecrow (Lal & Mike Waterson).
Baccholian Singers of London.
BsoL & the English Chamber Orch / Ian Humphries
I Sowed the Seeds of Love, The Song of the Blacksmith, I love my Love, Swansea Town.
Drinking Song, The Fields of Sorrow.

Music Composed by Gustav Holst
Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger
The Driver's Song, Dirty Old Town, The Press Gang, The Moving On Song.
 Mark & Lard's Ancient Customs
- observations of quaint archaic customs performed by a “bunch of inbred knuckle shufflers”.
Rodding the Jaylo, Podging the Elton, Tossing the Hives.

Read by Bernard Wrigley
With thanks to the BBC

Martin Carthy

Lord Franklin,Prince Heathen, January Man.
Bernard Wrigley

Up North, Cockerham Devil, Sammy Shuttleworth, A Weaver's (Waiver's) Song.
Bob & Ron Copper
The Bold Fishermen, The Hungry Fox.
Sam Larner
The London Steamer, Pretty Polly.
Harry Cox
The Squire & the Gypsy, The Crabfish.
Robin & Barry Dransfield
Scarborough Fair, The Waters of Tyne, Tapestry.
Royal Northern College of Music Wind Orchestra, Timothy Reynish,& Clark Rundell
The Lads of Wamphrey March, Rufford Poachers, The Brisk Young Sailor.

Composer Percy Grainger
Alan Bell

The Band in the Park, The Ballad of the Working Man, So Here's to You.

My thanks go to hospitable hosts at Laharum who on Saturday opened their gates and not only shared with the Wimmera Oasis Migrant's Group their forest and beautiful mountainside in the Grampians (Gariwerd) but afterwards put on a very tasty spread including Australian damper cooked on greensticks over a properly constructed open pit fire. Photographs to come later.
Folk Magazine: After many years of supporting the only Australian commercial magazine purporting to report on folkmusic, I have decided that their intransigent unco-operative behaviour and differing perspective of what is folk music have resulted in me not renewing the subscription. Yeah, I'm slow. The money can be better used supporting not for profit folk societies and folk musicians whose music I wish to purchase for the radio programme.
Artistes Broadcast: To listeners who wonder why their favourite artiste is not on the programme I suggest one or more of the following occurred : 1. I have never heard your favourite 2. I cannot afford your favourite 3. Your favourite fails to understand that s/he receives benefit from being broadcast and receiving local exposure and royalties paid. Additionally they receive further Australian and international exposure through this blog. 4. Notwithstanding 3. I very rarely accept gifts from artistes, it usually only occurs to compensate for previous purchases overcharged at full price or as part of writing unpaid reviews. Some current artiste's behaviour and belief that anything performed with an un-amplified instrument is folk music, is making me reconsider the validity of the ethics of this position however. 5.Your Favourite is not a traditional or folk music performer suited to the programme or the description of folk music given elsewhere in this blog.


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