28 October 2012

Date: 28/10/2012 World

The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show

Theme: World

Date: 28/10/2012



The Spinners
The Family of Man
Hottentot Party

Cravo a Canela, Jove Mala Mome, Hey Maria, Sharpening a Knife.
Ralph McTell

Streets of London, Michael in the Garden, Factory Girl, Mermaid & the Seagull.
Utah Phillips & Rosalie Sorrells
Wolverine Blues, I Think of You, A Clearing in the Forrest, Rock Salt & Nails.
Victor Jara
El Cigaritto, La Flor Que Anda Demano en Mano, El Carretero, Jai Jai.

John Henry, Red Clay Country, No More Auction Block, Hound Dog Bay At the Moon,
Finbar Fury
Gypsy Go Boy, Aran Girl, Travelling Lady.
Bill Moynihan, Brian Egan
Hello Stranger, The Little Girl & the Dreadful Snake, Three Men Went A Huntin'.
Poetry Interlude:

MacAvity the Mystery Cat by T.S.Eliot
Robert Donat
The Journey of the Magi by T.S.Eliot, Greater Love by Wilfred Owen.
Richard Burton
The Souls of the Slain by Thomas Hardy
Fairport Convention
Rosie, Peggy's Pub, Furs & Feathers.
A Ballad of the Period by CS Calverly.
Anonymous Didgeridoo Players
Mokoi – The Human Spirit, Makara – The Seven Sisters.
Inti Illimani
Media Noche, El Hacha, Caramba, Yo say El Dueño del Bacan.
Alan Bell
So Here's to You.
4:00 pm.
Music for the Faith Journey :
Choir of King's College Cambridge, Sir David Willcocks.

Once in Royal David's City, O Come All Ye Faithful, Sussex Carol, Silent Night, The First Nowell, Personent Hodie, A Spotless Rose, Up! Good Christian Folk & Listen.


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