13 November 2011

Theme:Celtic Date: 13/11/2011

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The Spinners
The Family of Man
Evan Mathieson
Harry Robertson's Wee Pot Stove, Deep Sea Tug, Fred the Fitter
The Spey in Spate, Wooden Duck, Maggie Cameron
Stockton's Wing
The Humours of Clonmult
Christy Moore
The Voyage
4 Men & A Dog
Primrose Lass Selection, Donegal Breeze
Ewan MacColl
Hind Horn, The Laird O'Drum
Aled Jones
Plaisir D'amour, Bugeilior Gwenith Gwyn, The Children's Home
John Currie
Omah Town
Declan Affley
A Rake & Ramblin Man, The Flighty Tailor, Havanna

Eric Bogle
Scraps of Paper, A Reason For it All, If Wishes Were Fishes, Just Not Coping

Aly Bain
Dr James Donaldson, Anvil Reel, The Auld Noost, Margaret’s Waltz, De Braacken Baa, Violet Tulloch's Hornpipe

Jean Redpath
Songs of R Burns – The Tailor Fell Through the Bed, Tam Glen, Wha is that at my bower door
Steeleye Span
Rogues in the Nation, Cam ye o'er frae France
Miracle of Being, Oh my boatman, Islay Ranter's Reels
Alistair Hulett
Chylde Owlett, When the Wee Birds Start Leaving, Harold's Best Me
Judy Pinder

The Parting Glass