06 November 2011

Theme: Australian Date: 06/11/2011

Theme: Australian

The Spinners
The Family of Man
The Bushwackers
The Flying Pieman, Road to Gundagai, The Drongo

Declan Affley
Homeless Man, Maryborough Miner, Queensland Whalers, Carrickfergus
John & Liz Munro
The Heights of Alma
Bob Hardie
Queen Among The Heather
Eric Bogle
The Legend of Kelly
Phill Cunneen
The Town I Loved So Well
Australian Mechanical Organ Society:-

President Richard Harrison :-

Richard Ellis's Gebruder Decap
AGM held at Horsham's Botanical Gardens

talking about AMOS Membership and the member's variety of types of mechanical organs.
Radetski March, Quick Step Medley

 Wheeze & Suck Band
Gentlemen of High Renown, William Walker, The Day the Virgin Mary Came to Coogee

Australian Mechanical Organ Society :-
George King's Raffin Organ
Lorna Harkey's 37 Note Book Player

AMOS President Richard Harrison

AGM held at Horsham's Botanical Gardens

 O Sole Mio

  Cuckoo Waltz, The Lonely Goatherd

Interview & Thank You to the Horsham Botanic Gardens Festival Organisers

Alan Musgrove
A Maiden's Prayer,My Bonny Love is Young, The Capture of the Kelly Gang
Margaret Bradford
Willies Ferret, Feathers & Tributes, Poison Train

Martyn Wyndham Read
The Female Rambling Sailor, Golden Vanity, Babes in the Wood, The Bonny Bunch O'Roses O
Fay White
Within, Millpond, Furry, Universe's Daughter
Judy Pinder
The Parting Glass

Pays homage to the following poets -
George Peale : A Farewell to Arms, Thomas Lodge : Rosalyn's Madrigal, Samuel Daniel : Two Poems, Love is a Sickness, Humbert Wolfe : Two Sparrows, James Thomas Fields: The Owl Critic