20 November 2011

Theme: English, Date: 20/11/2011

Theme: English
 © 2011 Rjn
The Spinners
The Family of Man
Margaret Walters & John Warner

Kilroy Was Here, The Bergen, Telford's Bridge
Martin Carthy
Famous Flower of Serving Men, The Maid & the Palmer, Bill Norrie
Mike Waterson
Wensleydale Lad
Anne Briggs
Let No Man Steal Your Thyme,
June Tabor
Smiling Shore
Silly Sisters
Cakes & Ale
Norma Waterson
Barbary Allen
Eliza Carthy
Worcester Town

The Taverners

Sir Thomas Tyldesley, Windmills, La Pique, Sambo's Song, Lord Middleton

Bob Stewart
Sulis Music, The Leaves of Life, Seasons of the Year, Lord Inchiquin, Spring Dance
Ewan MacColl & A.L.Lloyd
Do Me Ama, Paddy West, Banks of Newfoundland

Duncan Chalmers
The Water is Wide, Christmas in the Trenches, House Carpenter, Boys of Bedlam
Alistair Anderson
One Horned Sheep, Admiral Cole, Derwentwater's Farewell
Alan Bell
Bread & Fishes, So Here's To You

Pays homage to the following Poets:
Daniel Defoe – The Peerage of the Nation
Anon – From the Hag & The Hungry Goblin, Loving Mad Tom, Mad Maudlin is Come, A Cornish Toast
Richard Corbett – A Non Sequiteur
A.V. Rieu – Pirates on Funafuti
Jonathon Swift – A Satirical Elegy
H.G. Bell – The Fate of Sergeant Thin
Theodore Martin – The Biter Bit