02 January 2011

Theme - Australian Date: 02/01/2011

 © 2011 Rjn

The Spinners The Family of Man
Wallis & Matilda A Singer of the Bush, Old Pardon, Waltzing Matilda, Bottle – O, Sunrise on the Coast.
Bloodwood Anthem, Trinity
Billy Rea When My Blue Moon turns to gold, Mexicali Rose, Red Sails in the Sunset
Blackwood Seswale’s Kwela
Danny Spooner Intro to Maldon festival August 2003, Foggy Dew
Marcia Howard Wild & free
Caoilte O’Suilleabhain Siuil a Ruin
Dennis O’Keefe Diamantina County
Brigalong City of Brisbane
Kate Burke & Ruth Hazelton Mines of Australia
Judy Howell Twentieth Century Pioneer
Moving Harps Tanz Tanz Yidelek
Peter Hicks Them Dirty Robbin’ Banks
Soursob Bob Homesick Blues, Herbal Tea
Colcannon Listen to the Old Ones
Zulya Pointed Smiles
Greg Champion Further up the Mountain
Fred Smith Blue Guitar, When She Cries, Infinite Ocean
Sydney Balalaika Orchestra Old Carousel, Gypsy Dance, Song with no bounds
Pete Rogers When First We Met
Homage to the following poets:-
CJ Dennis – Bosses don’t seem right,
Charles E Carryl – The Walloping Window Blind,
Guy Wetmore Carryl – The Sycophantic Fox & Gullible Raven,
Lewis Carroll – the Walrus & the Carpenter,
J Ashby-Sterry – Kindness to Animals,
EB White – The Circus, Widor – Resolution,
WM Thackray – The Sorrows of Werther,
Edwin Meade Robinson – The Animal Solution.