23 January 2011

Theme - World - Date: 23/01/2011

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The Spinners The Family of Man
Incantation Flight of the Condor, Cacharpaya, Virgins of the Sun
Ivan Rebroff Mutterchen Russland, Hey Andrushka, Barcarole, Moscow Nights
Sonia Rutstein No Bomb is Smart, A different Star
Hanaan & Her Ensemble Essobh, El ameh, Nider Alia, Schway Schway
Blackwood Kwela Man, Kanye Kwele, Seven Spokes
Wayward Larida, Bransle de Chevaux Thoinot, Bear Dance, Fairy Dance
Akasa Treading a Thin Line
Margaret Roadknight Disposable Society
Jeannie Lewis Everybody’s Crying Mercy
Judy Small You don’t Speak for Me
Cassidy’s Ceili Aragunna Air
Eric Bogle The Road to Eldorado
Anthea Sidiropoulos Pagose I Tsiminiera, Our Secret Place, There will come a white day for us
Woody Guthrie This Land is Your Land, John Henry, We shall be free, House of the Rising Sun
Die Eisenbahn Spieler Oompah Band Schneewalzer, Knackwurst Polka, Edelweiss
Vardos Hora Mortiser, Cine a pus circiuma in drum, Sabre Dance, Szep a Rozsam
Trojka Boeblitszki, Starinnyjwals, My Nikogda Droega Nje Ljoebli Obidno Dosacho
Claudio Bombordella Ensemble Intro, Balcania,
Pete Roger When First We Met
Homage to the following poets:-
Robert Herrick – The Rock of Rubies
IVSW - Snowfall
Dorothy Parker – The Little Old Lady in Lavender Silk
Charles A Wagner – When I Loved You
JB Marton – Tripe
Morris Bishop – Public Aid for Niagara Falls
Samuel Taylor Coleridge – Cologne
Clarence Day – Might & Right