26 January 2011

Theme - Special Australian: Date: 26/01/2011

 © 2011 Rjn

The Spinners The Family of Man
Wallis & Matilda Waltzing Matilda, Bottle, Mulga Bill’s Bicycle
The Bush Music Club Stringybark Tree, The Men Who Made Australia, Ballad of the Drover, Andy’s Gone with the Cattle, 16,000 miles from home.
Bruce Watson The Man & the Woman in the Edison Phonograph, Up in Queensland in the Wet, The Old Bush Dance, I shared a Urinal with Martin Ferguson, Out of My Window
Jill Stevens Mary Parker’s Lament, Old Northern Road, Tale of the Two Rivers, Desert Rain, Salvation Jane
The Wild Colonials Cunamulla Stocking Jig, Davy Nick Nack, Eubalong Ball, Sailor’s Hornpipe
Judy Pinder The Banks of the Condamine, Cailleach an Airgid, The Parting Glass
Lionel Long The Bathurst Rebellion, 300 Lashes, Drifting Smoke of the Mountains, O’Meally’s Shanty, The Weddin Mountaineer
Homage to the following poets:-
CJ Dennis – The Elusive New Zoo Gnu, The Prophetess, The Little People, Country Roads Pretty Sally
John Shaw Neilsen – The Poor Can Feed the Birds
Anon - Alas Poor Botany Bay