03 February 2013

Theme Australian 03/02/2013

Wimmera River October 2012 near Horsham Weir Looking at South Bank © Rjn 2012

The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show

© 2013 Rjn

Theme: Australian

Date: 03/02/2013



The Spinners
The Family of Man
Harry Wilson
Ourimbah, Googoorah, Yoogali.
Nick Charles
Dusty Ribbon, The Jazzy Rag, Blues for Helen.
The Original Cast of Reedy River
Click go the Shears, Eumerella Shore, Four Little Johnny Cakes, Reedy River.
Mike & Michelle Jackson
The Song of the Bullock Driver, When the Children Come Home, The Free Selectors Daughter, The Hastings Waltz, The Fire at Ross's Farm, The Bell Trees Polka/The Scattery Island Slide, Australian Bush Bards & Reviewers,
John Dengate
Bare Legged Kate, Song of the Sheet Metal Worker, The Peach Picker's Song.
Alex Hood
Plains of Emu, Bold Jack Donahoe, The Dead Horse, South Australia, Where's Your Licence.
Vince Brophy
Down Down to the Ocean Blue, Pig & Whistle Roll, Ballad of the Karingal, Bay Whalers of Twofold Bay, James Craig/Sailors Hornpipe.
Bernard Bolan
Basingstoke, Mourn Ye Mines of Merthyr, Throw Snowball at the Teacher, Campbelltown & District Village Fête, Send the City Sunshine.
Rjn pays homage to J.K.McDougall
Serfs, Rose of Buangor, My Songs. Link To Soundcloud Recording
Judy Pinder
Willie's Lady, The Parting Glass.


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chosen....we are all part of the family of man no matter
where we live, our nationality or the hue of our skin....

Hello and Welcome.

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