17 February 2013

English Theme 17/02/2013

Wimmera River October 2012 near Horsham Weir Looking at the South Bank © Rjn 2012


The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show

© 2013 Rjn

Theme: English

Date: 17/02/2013



The Spinners
The Family of Man
Silly Sisters
Cake & Ale, Hedger & Ditcher, Agincourt Carol/La Route au Beziers, Old Miner.
Bernard Wrigley
Good Charlotte Day, Rolling the Craig Clot, The Molecatcher, Indian Lass, Manchester Recruits, Free & Easy, Along the Rossendale (Jones)
Martin Carthy
Bloomfield Hill, Lord Franklin, Byker Hill, Geordie.
GJBS Tribute to Dave Swarbrick who has just been recognised in his home city of Coventry, England.
Fairport Convention: Reynardine, Tam Lin, Rosie, Furs & Feathers.
Dave Sarbrick: Carthy's March, My Singing Bird, Ace & Deuce of Pipering.
Alistair Hulett & Dave Swarbrick: In the Days of 49, Blue Murder, Behind Barbed Wire.
Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger
The Manchester Angel, Fourpence a Day, The Collier Laddie, The Sheepstealer, Farewell to Sicily.
The Watersons
Brave Wolfe, Tour of the Dales, l'Anson's Racehorse, Stowbridge.
Phoebe Smith
I'm a Romany Rai.
Historic Recording of another Romany Rai, Mr Charlie Scamp
How Old Are You, My Pretty Fair Maid, Come Father Build Me A Boat, Young Leonard, Barbary Allan, A Blacksmith Courted Me.
Les Barker
Have You Got Any News of the Iceberg, The Lonely Little Lemming, The Book of Kevin.
Oxfordshire Children's May Song, In The Dumps. (Anon)
Alan Bell
Here's to you.

After the programme & in the spirit of unity contained in Community radio I held the fort until relieved by Jean to continue her “Music for the Faith Journey”. It was a sadly nostalgic experience listening to some music that I had not heard since childhood. The same sad nostalgia held for Father Christmas & fairies. I retained the folk flavour by playing the choir of the St Barnabas Chapel on Pitcairn Island together with a small selection from Joan Baez. For the record here is an agnostic's gift to those still believing and here is what the listeners got:

St Barnabas Chapel Choir, Pitcairn Island
In the Sweet By & By, Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer, Pitcairn Anthem “Prayer of John Adams”.
Joan Baez
Here's to You, Amazing Grace, Swing Low Sweet Chariot.

I have been a little short of "Round Tuits" this week and did not manage to post the sound bites from last week's programme. They are now ready for going to Soundcloud and should be up in the next day or so.

Next Sunday - World Theme

Until then “have a fffolking good week”.

Tune in or chew your own ears off.