09 September 2012

Date:09/09/2012 Celtic

The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show

© 2012 Rjn

Theme: Celtic




The Spinners
The Family of Man
Evan Mathieson homage to Harry Robertson
Wee Pot Stove, Homeless Man, Assisted Passage, Heave Away.

The Beanies

Donald of Glencoe, Ca' the Yowes, Which Side Are You On?, Torn Jacket.
The Fellowship of the Strings
Bonny Swans, Faerie Queen, The Water Lily (H.Lawson).
The Rhosllannerchrugog Male Voice Choir
Welsh National Anthem, Ave Verum, Ar Doriad Dydd (At Break of Day).

Keith McKenry

Theatre of the Road & Bloody Sheilas (R.Charlton), No Lift for Jacky (McKenry).
Alan Scott
The Shearer's Dream (H. Lawson)
The Greatest Flame, Harvest Moon, Alba.
Robin Hall & Jimmie MacGregor

Rattlin' Roarin' Wullie, As I Came Doon the Overgate, Fetlar's Lullaby, On the Banks of Loch Lomond, If You Ever Come to London, Bonny Hills o' Gallowa'.
Alex Campbell

Johnny Lad, The Gentleman Soldier, The Bonny Ship the Diamond, The Gresford Disaster, Tae the Beggin' I Will Go, Market.
Stockton's Wing
The Master's Daughter, Angel, Black Hill.
Jean Redpath
Hey, Ca' Thro', Strathallan's Lament, Lament of Mary Queen of Scots.
Billie Connolly

Wellies on, A Wee Swearie, a four Letter Word.
Judy Pinder
The Parting Glass.

Highlights of my week:

Having some ingrate report us to a certain social network website because they cannot remember that we have met and talked. Interesting as “friend” requests have only ever been sent to folkies and some wanabes who have been enfolded in the hope they acquire some wisdom and develop lives fulfilled through folkmusic.

Being told by a knowledgeable person that they approve of the programme's format and content. They also mentioned something sad about the national broadcaster and Australian attitude. Thank you for the missing support.

I also thank all who have supported the programme through the above mentioned website. It seems that here in the wild west of Victoria three words not taught in the schools are: “Thanks” and “Cultural Heritage”. What's it like in the rest of the world?

Whilst on schooling: How many schools teach from an early age how to be parents, how to respect others, how to be a responsible citizen, how to abide by the democratic laws (And how many laws are democratically determined and not enacted through party edict, minority driven noise or dictatorship?). Isn't the first responsibility of each person to the human race not pelf?

Some festivals to go to this month:

Turning Wave At Yass this weekend 14th September
Uranquinty Folk Festival 28th September 

Next Week English Theme

Have a ffffolking good week.