23 September 2012

Date: 23/09/2012 Theme: World

The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show

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Theme: World

Date: 23/09/2012



The Spinners
The Family of Man
South American Set:

Tierra Callawaya, Cultura Andina, El Carnaval, La Virgen de los Peñas,
Cuban Set:

Cantinero de Cuba
Cha Cha Cha
Los Habaneras Son Perfectos
Pete Seeger

Guantanamera, The Battle of Maxton Field, I Come & Stand at Every Door, Passing Through.

The Gallows Pole, The Lass from the Low Countree, All the Pretty Little Horses, Take this Hammer.
Listening Earth SWW04 (see link)
Bellbirds & Australian Blowflies

Carl Cleves

The House is Empty, Leaving Byron Bay, House of Sorrow.
Czerwono-Czarni (Red-Black)

Mzwa Bectowa, Introitus, Kyrie, Gloria, Graduale, Credo. (Polish Beat Mass)
Paco Peña

Tientos de la Bahia, Clara Fuente, Mantilla Y Peina.
Kathleen Ferrier

The Keel Row, Come You Not From Newcastle, The Stuttering Lovers, Have you Seen But the Whyte Lillie Grow.
Utah Philips

With introductions: Going Away, Jesse's corrido, Pig Hollow, Larimar Street.
Paul Robeson

Blitzstein: The Purest Kind of Guy, Robinson: Joe Hilll, Donayevsky: Native Land, Anon: The Peat Bog Soldiers.
Kenneth McKellar

On the Road to Mandalay, Uist Tramping Song.
Joan Baez

Last Night I had the Strangest Dream , Troubled & I Don't Know Why (Duet with B. Dylan)
Alan Bell
So Here's to You.


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Whether you are a listener, a performer or just a

 well-wisher please come and befriend us. 

The show already has some wonderful friends. 

Why don’t you also become one. 

I particularly hope that some of the overseas readers
 of the blog will come forward and say hello. 
I notice that we have in the last week had viewers from
many places.
Our opening theme song from the Spinners was not idly
 chosen....we are all part of the family of man no matter
 where we live, our nationality or the hue of our skin....

Hello and Welcome.

Next Sunday -

Long Pieces & Sets Theme 

with :

Ewan MacColl, Utah Phillips,
Woody Guthrie, Phyll Lobl, Martin Carthy,
Brisbane Award Winner 2012
The Rhymer From Ryde, Graeme Johnson

Tune in or chew your own ears off.

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Vardos Trio invite you to La Mama Theatre's event:

The Four Accordionists of the Apocalypse

Tomorrow at 6:30pm - Sunday, October 7 at 6:30pm 
 La Mama Courthouse Theatre
Written and Composed by Sofia Chapman
Directed by Jo Loth
Performed by Zulya Kamalova, Terry Cole, KT Prescott, Carl Pannuzzo,  Emma Louise Pursey, Isabel Hertaeg and Rama Nicholas
Musical Director: Sofia Chapman
Set Design by Alana Hunt
Sound Artist: Kirri Buchler
Dramaturgy: May-Brit Akerholt and Jami Bladel
A Burning Deck Theatre Production

 Be there or cry. 

Anyone got any clever ideas of how I can get there and back in twenty four hours without driving?


This Weekend 28/09-01/10/2012 Link:

Uranquinty Folk Festival 


02/11-05/11/2012 Link:

Maldon Folk Festival