10 June 2012

Date: 10/06/2012 Celtic

The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show 

© 2012 Rjn

Theme: Celtic

Date: 10/06/2012 

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The Spinners
The Family of Man
Leaving of Enniskillen, The Grandfather Clock, My Last Farewell
John Currie
Four Marys, Nowhere Man, Raglan Road
Evan Mathieson – Homage to Harry Robertson
Wee Pot Stove, Deep Sea Tug, Assisted Passage.

Jimmy Shand
Singing in the New Year Medley: Loch Lomond, I belong to Glasgow, My Bonnie, Roamin in the Gloamin, I loved a lassie, Stop your ticklin jock, A wee deoch an doris. Memories of Robert Burns Waltzes Medley: Oér the lave o’t, My love is like a red rose, A man’s a man for a’ that, Ye Banks and Braes.
Jean Redpath : homage to Robert Burns arrangements Serge Hovey
The Lass o’Ecclefechan – Northumberland Tune Jack Latin (dedicated to Ruby), Phyllis the fair - tune Robin Adair, Rattlin Roarin’Willie – Border Country Bagpipe Tune same name.
Stockton’s Wing
The Master’s Daughter, Aaron’s Key, Chasing Down a Rainbow.
The Dubliners
Hand Me Down M’Bible, Seven Drunken Nights – and the question was asked “Have these two tunes been played in the correct order?”, McAlpine's Fusiliers, Weila Waile Walia, Monto.
Ewan MaColl & Peggy Seeger:
A set dedicated by Richard to many new cyber space chums around the world and, I’m afraid you will have to support the artistes & buy the CD to hear the music.
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, The Joy of Living, The Moving on Song, The Manchester Rambler, Dirty Old Town.

Keith McKenry
Theatre of the Road by Rob Charlton.
Homage to Henry Lawson: Water Lily, The Fire at Ross’s Farm.
Christy Moore
St Brendan’s Voyage, Viva La Quinte Brigada, Blackjack County Chains, If I get an Encore.
Alistair Hulett & Dave Swarbrick
A Migrant’s Lullabye, Behind Barbed Wire, Blue Murder, The Old Divide and Rule.
Fairytale of New York, Fiesta,
Judy Pinder
The Parting Glass.