11 December 2011

Theme: Celtic, Date: 11/12/2011


 The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show

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11/12/2011 Celtic Theme


The Family of Man
Stepping Down the Glory Road, Abhainin an t'sluaigh, An Ubhal as Airde
The Rare Old Times, Springhill Mining Disaster, The Devil & the Farmers Wife, Donegal Danny, McAlpines Fusiliers, Buddy Mulligan
Pam & Norm Merrigan
Sligo Polkas, Spancil Hill, Belltable Mazurka & Butterfly Slip Jig
The Sound of the Pibroch, Isle of Skye, Kiss the Children for Me Mary
The Rantin Laddie, Captain Wedderburn's Courtship, The Jolly Beggar
Holy Night, Bugeillor Gwenith Gwyn, Bethlehem
The Heilanman/Drowsy Maggie, The 79th's Farewell to Gibralter, Arthur MacBride
Alison Gross, Rogues in the Nation, Cam Ye o'er Frae France
The Patriot Game, The Foggy Due, Four Green Fields, The Praties They Grow Small
The Girl From The Hiring Fair, From Clare to Here, Streets of London
Anthony Woolcott
My Last Farewell to Stirling
Judy Pinder
The Parting Glass
Homage to Thomas Hardy : - 
The Phantom Horsewoman

                                  Recordings of Rjn giving“Parlour Performances of Poetry”
Homage to the following Poets:-
W.B.Yeats: The Sad Shepherd, The Cat & The Moon, The Stolen Child, To the Rose Upon the Rood
William Allingham: The Fairies
Charles Causley: I saw a Jolly Hunter
J.K.McDougall: We Live Our Day