27 March 2011

Theme: World Date : 27/03/2011

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The Family of Man
Alan Dargin & Michael Atherton
Virtuoso Didj, Anthem
Harry Belafonte
The Fox
Radio Artistes Choir & Sinhalese Orchestra

Sri Lanka Matha
Pani Bharatha & Group
Pera Lara Drum Music
Effi Netzer, Beit Rothschild Singers
Hevenu shalom aleichem,Have netze bemachol, Krakovijak
Loreena McKennit
The Lady of Shallot
Blaise Calama
'Oud, Wan Nabi Yumma
Pete Seeger
Peg & Awl, I Come & Stand at Every Door
Horsham Pipe Band, Pipe Major Michael Stewart, Drum Major Gary Minne
Bells of Dunblane, Jimmy Findlater medley, Interview with Pipe Major Michael Stewart about piping and our wonderful local community pipe band and its members.
Dansemble “R”
Jan Pierewiet, Spinnenlied
Judy Collins
Brecht/Weill's Pirate Jenny, Marat Sade

 Waltz – Starry Night for a Ramble, Spring brings on the Shearing, The Dark Isle, Kangaroo Hop – Rogues March, Skippy
Yuri the Storyteller
Moscow 1941
Erich Kunz Wiener Volkoper
Heiden Roslein, Z'lauterbach
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