13 February 2011

Date: 13/02/2011 Theme: Celtic

The Gypsy Jack Boggle Show
 © 2011 Rjn
Theme: Celtic
Date: 13/02/2011
The Spinners
The Family of Man
Alistair Hulett
The Old Divide & Rule, The Red Clydesiders, The Forfar Sodjer, The Siege of Union Street
The Rankin Family
Farewell to Llove, North Country, Oich U Agus H luraibh òile
The Praties Grow Small, The Rocks of Bawn, Four Green Fields, The Wearing of Green
Christy Moore
The Shan Van Voght, The Yellow Furze Woman, Lawless, Away You Broken Heart
The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra
Highlands Bar Dance,Gay Gordons, , Eightsome Reel
Robin Huw Bowen
Gypsy Hornpipe, Opening the Flowers/ Fair Maid of Corwen, Men of Harlech
Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem
The Wind That Shakes the Barley, Kevin Barry, Nell Flaherty’s Drake,
Talitha McKenzie
Owen’s Boat, Rol Hol Ill Leò, The MacKenzie Lullaby
Judy Pinder
The Green Fields of Canada, Willie’s Lady, A Pound a Week Rise, Johnny Seoighe, Up the Mero
The Dubliners
Fiddler’s Green, Peat Bog Soldiers, School Days Over

Poets Homage:
Robert Gillfillen – O why left I my hame?
Anon – Forsaken, Alison Gross
William Hamilton of Bangour – The Braes of Yarrow
George Buchanan Smith – Autumn Storm in Skye
W.A. Craigie – Through Elfin E’een
C.J. Dennis – The Prophet
Judy Pinder
A Parting Glass